replica watches Rolex Yacht-Master 42 226659 Watch and send the message to other fans of the timepieces

At least once a year Rolex introduces a product that is a high-end luxury product, even if extremely refined. I edited this replica watches Rolex article a bit from how it was originally published because I used the term "F-You watch" without correctly explaining the term to all members of the aBlogtoWatch audience. This term is often used by some watch collectors and is not an insult to anyone who has created or worn the watch (for nothing). It is a playful way of explaining the psychology involved when someone chooses a high-end product that is not perceivable as a high-end product for everyone, except for a few that can identify it for what it is. For 2019, this type of Rolex product is 18k white gold and the new ref. 226659 Yacht-Master 42, which I also like to call "Yacht-Master Noir".

The F-You watch, in general, has a very specific value for fans of wealthy watches. F-You watches are always expensive, but they are meant to look like they are not as expensive as they are. Not that F-You watches seem cheap, in fact, they are designed to not look very expensive when viewed from a distance. The perfect F-You watch looks ordinary or irrelevant (perhaps generic) to a normal viewer, but can be quickly identified as expensive for the trained eye (ie, someone so trained in watch prices to know the value and even be aware of it). that other non-watchers might probably exchange the value).

Other people who know watches will recognize an F-You watch not as a normal watch, but as a luxury watch. This will make many of the people who see and recognize the F-You frustrated or even angry. Why angry? Because F-You watches are a really aggressive message for other people (those who can identify what you wear) that also openly wear more expensive products. The F-You watch is a provocation for other rich people. The F-You watches say "I have so much replica watches money to spend, I can even spend money on expensive things that don't increase my sense of social prestige when I wear them."

In this regard, F-You watches are a particular taste of obvious consumption, even if only for a niche audience of other people rich in knowledge on watches with shades. For those who recognize the F-You watch, the message is that you have conspicuously spent on a humble-looking product ... and maybe you're a little proud of this. Rolex, when desired, makes F-You watches very effective. Let's take a look at their latest 2019, as Rolex has a wonderful modern history in producing selected products that send very specific messages to other watch enthusiasts.